Unleash the Genetic Potential of Your Body
Start a Way of Positive Changes to Maintain Health, Beauty and Better Life Quality

Healthy Weight Loss
Reach your goal weight 2 or 3 times faster than a conventional diet.
DNA testing will identify how your body responds to foods, nutrient metabolism guiding you to make changes that lower weight and disease risk.
Sport Performance
If you think you have reached your sporting "roof", keep in mind that you are not yet using your genes. Through your genes you will be able to know if your organism has better results in intermittent training, of medium intensity, in the mornings, in the afternoons and what kind of sports you can develop to the maximum and take advantage of according to your objectives.
Mental Acuity
Use a scientific approach to boost brain performance so you will achieve advanced results. DNA test will help to reduce anxiety and identify balanced work regimen to stay motivated for a long time.
Active Elderly
DNA analysis will help you feel more active and stay young for longer. You will discover what your real nutritional needs are and you can avoid or reduce the diseases effect such as hypertension, high cholesterol, Alzheimer's, type II diabetes. It will help you supplement the advice of doctors and, perhaps, adjust slightly to these.
Competitive Advantage
Detailed personal recommendations and assistance in data interpretation
Various needs
12 tests for various needs combined out of the scientifically proved genes only
The highest quality and accuracy (99,9%) of studies provided by own R&D and high-tech modern lab
Partner support at all stages from marketing and promotion advice to training of your frontline (doctors, receptionists, sales, etc.)
We designed 15 DNA panels for various needs and requirements, gender and age. For the panels our PhD staff experts selected genes proved by 20,000 scientific researches, articles and reports. And the interpretations of the tests are designed by acting doctors and nutritionists.
Choose the DNA Test
MyWellness is a detailed DNA test that helps an individual to create a diet, determine the optimal level of physical activity, and also provides personal recommendations for taking the appropriate forms of vitamins and dietary supplements.
  • Fats or carbohydrates
  • Menu with products that suit you
  • Metabolism of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, gluten and lactose
  • Reasons you like sweet things, hate fatty foods and are sensitive to bitter tastes
  • The rate of salt excretion and the tendency to edema
  • Addictive tendencies
  • The tendency to overeat and whether it is necessary to fas

The DNA test examines 32 genes for 40 traits and consists
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MyNeuro is a detailed DNA test about the genetic characteristics of one's emotions, behavior and brain efficiency.

  • adjust your sleep and wake patterns
  • earn how to reduce anxiety
  • identify the best time for active work and rest
  • get personalized advice on taking the right forms of vitamins and supplements
  • find out your genetic risk for cognitive decline with ageing

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